8. September 2020

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis IV

Empowering women, strengthening local identity, fighting terrorism, preserving heritage, creating local income opportunities – see what you can do when you merge design and crafts in Tunisia’s wide range of innovative projects.
31. März 2020

ökoRAUSCH goes Tunis III

Joyful Design! That’s what the Tunisian design label flaÿou calls their refreshing approach reflected in their products. In 2019 we met the founders Hella El Khiari and Thomas Egoumenides in Tunis and were lucky to get a closer look into their studio…
3. Februar 2017

ONYA Collective

The Onya Collective is group of architects, activists, community leaders, and volunteers who utilize community organizing principals to design public spaces that serve the needs of all of the residents of the area. We met them during our ECO DESIGN FORUM in Tel Aviv.
29. Dezember 2016

Social Urban Design

Nicolas Beucker lehrt an der Hochschule Niederrhein im Fachbereich Design und geht der Frage nach, wie man Stadt als Lebensraum der Gesellschaft gestalten kann? Hier stellt er uns sein Fachgebiet "Social Urban Design" vor.