As of summer 2016, ökoRAUSCH’s Think Tank is conducting the ECO DESIGN FORUM workshop and networking sequence in Germany and abroad to connect designers, artists and other creative thinkers whose work focuses on sustainability.


will each be one-day projects with an emphasis on creative industries, which is why the ECO DESIGN FORUM’s focus is on the economic relevance of the design sector and, above all, the daily work of socio-ecological creative thinkers: If you are wondering how to make the good things that you create more visible and present them in a financially successful manner, if you are wondering how you can find a good balance between idealistically informed aspirations and daily work practices, then you have come to the right place.

Here is some more information about the ECO DESIGN FORUM premier in Hamburg, about our partner Feldstärken  and their workshops: “Authentic Business Models for Sustainable Design”, which deals with the entrepreneurial reasoning of “effectuation”. Further dates are planned for the autumn/winter of 2016 in Berlin, Munich and in the Ruhr Valley.


has a broader audience. Over the course of three days, creative thinkers will meet in respective local design, artistic and sustainability scenes and participate in a programme consisting of presentations, group discussions, working groups, forums and excursions. They will participate in panels on creative industries, sustainable design and art, education and sustainable development and sustainability communication. The participants from Germany and the respective hosting country will concentrate on the following questions: How does sustainable design influence different parts of society? And how does this change the creative process as well as the designers themselves in their actions and work? We will examine these questions using a broad, multi-disciplinary concept of design that shares fluid boundaries with art, science and politics. The workshop participants are expected to be inspired and motivated to join this global movement by the personal stories of the designers who develop their green ideas, concepts and products all over of the world. Along with the economic, ecological and social aspects, the cultural enrichment that we expect will automatically happen through the encounters in respective host countries as well as back in Germany will also be at the foreground – design being its constant medium.